Is Aquaponically Grown Food Better Than Supermarket Food?

Many people love the benefits associated with aquaponic gardening. You get to raise fish and food at your home, you won’t use as much water as a traditional garden, and you’ll save a bit of money over store bought items. The biggest question that most people have is if the food from an aquaponic garden will taste better than store bought food.

With food grown in an aquaponic system, you’ll know exactly what is going into your plants. Since your fish provide the nutrients for your plants, you’ll know what type of food you’re feeding your fish. With the fish waste as fertilizer, you won’t need to add any other fertilizers or chemicals in order to get your plants to grow. Since you won’t need those items, your food will be organically grown. Many people prefer the taste of organic food since there is no chance of a chemical ever coming into contact with your plant.

With food from a store, you may find that the food isn’t always the freshest. Some of the food may not have done well during the transport from the harvest place to the store. Because of this, some food may have bruised spots, be wilting, or may just not be as fresh as you’d like it to be.

With an aquaponic system, you’re the person in charge of harvesting and transporting. Since you won’t have to walk very far to your kitchen, it’s less likely that you’ll drop and bruise your food on the way. With an aquaponic system, you’ll be able to harvest your plant as you need the food. This will ensure that you’re getting extremely fresh food. When you have food that is fresh, you’ll see a huge difference in taste quality between the foods from the store.

Since you’ll only need to harvest when you need the food, your food will remain fresh longer. In most stores, the food that you’re buying has been sitting for a bit of time. The food sits after it’s been harvested, during transport, and until it has been purchased. Because of this, when you pick up food off of the shelf, it could be nearing the end of its time. You could get the food home and have it go bad within a few days.

With your aquaponic system, your foods will be extremely fresh when you've harvested it. Since it’s fresh, the food that you've harvested will last a lot longer than something you've bought from the store. This plays a major role in the taste quality of aquaponic foods as the quicker you can use the food after harvesting, the better it will taste.

Many people love the way that food they’ve grown tastes when it’s grown aquaponically. Not only is the food organic, fresh, and tasty, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you’re able to sit down and eat the food that you've grown. If you’re looking to grow some great tasting food, without breaking the bank, aquaponic gardening may be the thing for you. You can learn more about aquaponics in the Aquaponics 4 You PDF.